It’s “about Ash” myself

Food is a way to a person’s soul, and I feel I am given that opportunity to accomplish it.

Experiences Galore

Not to forget being an Executive Chef for 11 out of 14 years on a Cruise ship was immensely satisfying, it gave me the freedom to explore Alaska my fav and Hawaii, most of the USA, experience firsthand the freshest of Fish, seafood and meats, and understanding eating habits in different regions and also learning to handle staff of over 126 chefs and 52 stewards, placing Orders worth millions of Dollars in a month, to feed just over 20 thousand souls on the ship for a month ( that included mine too 😉) .

I’ve been in Romania for some time now, at Crowne Plaza for over 8 years, and presently at Sheraton Bucharest, I’ve always treated my job as my own business, and always will. I deliver Results.


Chef History

There are such beautiful ingredients in this world and to create something blissful every time is rewarding , food is about nourishing hunger and also satisfying the mind , I would want to continue this journey in a way that also respects the environment for the future .

I was born in Mumbai to a long generation of fishermen, I still have vivid memories of seeing such multitude of fish being sorted in a room with my Grandmother around, it was way above my height and the smell of fresh fish and prawns just out of the sea , no cologne can mask that .

As I studied, worked and travelled around the world , being a Nomad with hungry eyes and massive penchant for knowledge , I would stay in Charlie palmers kitchen over 12 hours every day , just to get my hands at working on the lobsters or the lump Crab cakes , or in Hawaii just to see the Onaga , Opakapaka being filleted and crusted with Ginger .In San Francisco at Gary Danko’s the opportunity to shuck the oysters and rinse them in Clam juice just prior to being poached and served with Osetra, the Days in Vonnas France at Georges Blanc were such an eye opener to see so much of the best products can still be used to create something simple and elegant , Frog legs in Garlic butter is just one of them .

Passionate For Traditional Recipes

Traditional recipes also fosters a sense of connection, as it bridges the gap between past and present, transcending geographical boundaries and uniting people through the shared experience of enjoying a delectable, history-infused meal.

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